Baltimore City Council President Bernard “Jack” Young prevailed last week in a political battle with Councilor Mary Pat Clark as her proposal to increase the minimum wage within the city to $15/hour by 2022 was sent back to committee for more deliberation.  Young has gone on record as supporting an increase to as much as $11.50 per hour, but has drawn the line there explaining that $15 was too high for small businesses in Baltimore to absorb – especially in light of the fact that the Maryland minimum surrounding the city would remain $8.75.  Only 7 councilors had committed to support the hike to $15, but a simple majority of the council (8 votes) is necessary to move a bill out of committee and forward to a vote.  Of the 15 members on the council, 3 councilors abstained from the vote and one other was absent.  There is still a battle to be waged there however, as a new council will be elected this fall.