We advised months ago that the voter-approved minimum wage hike in the state of Maine was going to be reconsidered by the legislature and in fact, a raucous public hearing was held this week in Augusta for just that purpose. Media reports claim that between “dozens” and “hundreds” (we don’t know which is the ‘fake news’ story) of citizens on both sides of the issue attended a hearing before the Labor, Commerce, Research & Economic Development Committee this week. Senator Roger Katz has filed legislation that will restore a tip credit that the voter-approved initiative outlawed, much to the dismay of many tipped workers who are now seeing their compensation drop as a result. A little different angle is at play in the state of Washington, where the Washington Farm Bureau and other plaintiffs are challenging a voter-approved minimum wage increase that also mandated paid sick leave. The state’s constitution requires that voter initiatives must be single issue to be validly before the voters. Coupling the minimum wage with a paid sick leave mandate violates that provision. Resolution on the minimum wage looks more clear cut in Baltimore, where Mayor Catherine Pugh vetoed a local ordinance last week that would have hiked the wage to $15 an hour by 2022. To pass the measure over the Mayor’s veto, the Council must override her veto with 12 votes by April 23. Currently, there are only 7, so the Baltimore minimum wage hike should die before this month ends.