Bans on the The East Coast As Well

As proof that not all anti-business initiatives are borne on the West Coast, the Portland (Maine) City Council has resurrected a proposal to ban styrofoam beverage cups and food containers within its city limits.  The proposal, which would amend Chapter 12 of the city code, was initially suggested by Councilor Ed Suslovic, Chairman of the…

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NYC Council Adopts Polystyrene Foam Ban

Subject to the proverbial “study”, the New York City Council last week passed an ordinance setting up the likely ban of polystyrene foam throughout the nation’s largest city.  The bill allows lawmakers to ban styrofoam if the Sanitation Department finds after a year-long study that it can’t be recycled effectively.  The objectivity of the study…

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styrofoam ban

New York’s Albany County Latest to Impose Styrofoam Ban

By a vote of 25-12, the Albany County Legislature passed a ban on polystyrene foam containers for food or drinks.  The ban, which takes effect in six months, only applies to businesses in the upstate New York area with 15 locations nationwide!  That’s right, if you own 14 shops in Albany County, you are exempt…

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Portland Styrofoam Ban Back In Play?

It is also reported that the proposed ban on Styrofoam that was considered then withdrawn earlier this year in Portland, Maine may be back under consideration soon enough as two of the Portland City Councilors who opposed the measure have chosen not to run for re-election.

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What’s Brewing: Bans, Minimum Wage Walkout, Fair Franchising

As if the daily tasks of running your Dunkin’ Donuts aren’t enough to keep you busier than busy, ever-changing laws and regulations can add more stress to your days. From attempted bans on soda products and successful bans on foam cups to calls for increased minimum wage and fees on worker immigration programs, it pays…

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DDIFO Magazine - Independent Joe #22 - National Conference Coverage

Independent Joe: October 2013

When Lieutenant Governor Kim Guadagno walked to the podium at Caesar’s Atlantic City last month, she knew she was facing a friendly room. She has an appreciation for Dunkin’ franchisees—as small business owners who create jobs and pay taxes. And, in a state that is still reeling from Hurricane Sandy, she views them as beacons in the storm. She said thank you because, in her words, “Dunkin’ Donuts saved lives after Sandy.”

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Eva Walsh

DC Next To Tee Up Styrofoam Ban

In the wake of California banning polystyrene cups and food containers, we saw a number of cities follow suit: Seattle Washington, Amherst and Brookline in Massachusetts, then Portland Maine considered it but ultimately withdrew the proposal and a host of other cities have been considering a ban.  Now, the nation’s capital has teed up the…

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Paper Cup Trials

Dunkin’ is not the only QSR looking to develop a paper cup to replace foam cups for hot beverages.  Bloomberg reports that McDonalds plans to convert its hot beverage cups from polystyrene to paper over the next several years.

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