While some have just this week concluded their 2016 sessions, most state legislatures are just beginning to get prepared for their 2017 sessions.  Legislators in Kentucky have gotten quickly to work however. On Wednesday, the House passed a Kentucky right-to-work law that has been close, but never actually signed into law.  That should change next week as the Senate is expected to concur with the House on the bill that will free union non-members from their legal obligation to pay fees to a union that collectively bargains on their behalf. Republican Governor Matt Bevin has said he will sign the bill and make Kentucky the 27th state to enact right-to-work legislation.  Legislators in Maine returned this week and will immediately be faced with a push by Governor Paul LePage to amend a voter-approved initiative increasing the state minimum wage and eliminating a tipped worker wage over the next 8 years. There will likely be much more to report to you on the state level in the coming weeks.