The drumbeat continues as relates activism at the state and local levels regarding mandatory paid sick leave and other issues.  Notably, by a 13-1 vote, the Los Angeles City Council last week moved to double the current state minimum of paid sick leave and require employers in the City of Angels to provide up to 6 days of paid sick leave each year.  California state law (just signed a few weeks ago by Governor Jerry Brown) requires employers to provide up to 3 days sick leave.  The council action, which was aggressively pushed for by organized labor interests, formally instructs the city attorney to draft the law for final council approval.  LA Mayor Eric Garcetti advocated for passage of the new sick leave law, so once it is passed, LA will join Santa Monica, Oakland, San Francisco and a few other California cities that require employers to provide paid leave beyond the state minimum.  On the positive side of the ledger, the state of Arizona is a bit closer to passing a pre-emption bill that will preclude any local government entities from enacting a local paid leave law or otherwise requiring non-wage benefits at the local level.   The Arizona senate passed the bill on an 18-11 vote last week and sent it to the House for final approval before going to the Governor.  It follows closely a bill signed by the Governor last month that authorizes the withholding of funds from any city, town or county that passes laws in conflict with state law.  And lastly, the Maryland Senate didn’t take up a House approved sick leave mandate before the session expired and the legislature adjourned for the year.  Rest assured however, we will hear more about Maryland sick leave in the next session.