Workers Agitated in Select Cities

Those who derive some pleasure from disrupting American commerce and business seem to have set their sights recently on the QSR industry. reported last week (along with a number of outlets) that QSR workers in seven different major cities around the country were planning to protest their wages with coordinated employee walkouts this past…

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A virtual cup of coffee with DDIFO Executive Director Ed Shanahan

July 14th – Enviormental Reform, Energy Saving Grants, Hall of Fame Nominations

North Carolina’s Changing Environment – North Carolina takes a different view of environmental considerations when it comes to rezoning proposals and the jobs it can represent.  Currently, in Charlotte, residents may protest rezoning issues and force a supermajority requirement on the Charlotte City Council.  The legislature however is within one final vote of passing the Create…

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Pennsylvania Shop Has A Legacy of Connecting Its Community

On the wall in Ann Caruso’s family room hangs a pastel of a conservation area in the town where she lives. She loves it not because the colors match the ones in her rug, though that’s nice, too, but because it’s a walk she has taken with her husband and kids many times. It’s the…

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