Notwithstanding a possible delay in repeals of the Obama-era regulations, some in Congress are determined to call the “powers that be” to task and make their position known on some of the more egregious NLRB decisions and regulations. House Education and Workforce Chairwoman Virginia is apparently just one such individual.  She admonished NLRB General Counsel Richard Griffin last week and advised him to “abandon his partisan agenda” or quit his post immediately! The chairwoman was annoyed by a memo issued last week that scholarship football players at Division 1 colleges and universities should be considered employees under the National Labor Relations Act! In a joint statement with Representative Tim Walberg of Michigan, Foxx said the memo “has the potential to create significant confusion at college campuses across the nation”. Keeping up that momentum however, graduates “students” at Loyola University in Chicago voted to unionize in that the NLRB had already set the standard that graduate students were employees for purposes of the National Labor Relations Act!