In the wake of CKE Restaurants CEO Andy Puzder withdrawing as the nominee for Labor Secretary, President Trump wasted little time naming a replacement, nominating Alexander Acosta – a former National Labor Relations Board member, US Attorney for the Southern District of Florida, Justice Department official and the current dean of Florida International College of Law – as his new pick to head the Department of Labor. The post is an especially critical one for franchisees and all small business interests as the Labor Secretary directs the Department of Labor which houses the Wage & Hour Division (author of the new overtime rules) and OSHA (the “walk-around rule” that invites union reps to accompany government safety inspectors to non-union worksites) as well as a host of other agencies. Although the National Labor Relations Board is an independent federal agency, the Secretary can be a powerful counterweight to NLRB from a policy perspective and we know the havoc an unfettered NLRB can wreak!.