ABC Channel 7 News Washington DC Reports that a new food fad could soon start filling up customers around in the Washington-area  as ‘The Cereal Bowl Cafe’ opens this weekend in Cleveland Park.

The new restaurant offers whatever customers are hungry for as long as it’s cereal-related.

Watch the video:

Residents Moira Smith and Lindsay Diokno were headed to the movies Friday and stopped in for a cup on their way.

“If you’re going to go out to a cereal restaurant, kinda-bar-place, you don’t want to get the simple kind (add) the fruit and it’s healthy. Go all out,” Diokno said.

“I think back in college when you had all the options I guess I kind of wanted to relive with out being like Jerry Seinfeld with all the boxes,” Smith said.

But ‘The Cereal Bowl Cafe’ is not just for breakfast. It also offers smoothies, coffee, parfaits and oatmeal treats.