Tim Hortons Sees U.S. as Prime Growth Opportunity

S. John Tilak reports at Reuters that Tim Hortons Inc isn’t content to be Canada’s largest restaurant chain, not when the biggest consumer market in the world lies at its doorstep. Even though Canada’s coffee-and-donuts king has stumbled in the past in trying to replicate its success in the United States, it sees its latest marketing drive south of the border leading to strong sales momentum.

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ICE Expands Chipotle Hiring Practices Probe

Nation’s Restaurant News reports that Federal investigators visited as many as 30 Chipotle locations across the country this week in an ongoing criminal investigation into the fast-casual chain’s hiring practices.

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Franchisee Bill of Rights, Input Requested

The Coalition of Franchisee Associations (CFA) which DDIFO is a founding member, which Jim Coen, President of DDIFO as the Vice Chairman of CFA and Co-Chairman of the CFA Fair Franchising Committee with CK Patel of the Asian American Hotels Owners Association (AAHOA). The CFA Fair Franchising Committee has been working with franchisee leaders from multiple franchise systems to develop the Universal Franchisee Bill of Rights.

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The Daily Cup Becoming an Expensive Habit

Some big chains like Dunkin’ Donuts and McDonald’s have been able to hold down prices because they buy in bulk and their size gives them purchasing power.

And in some cases, franchisees absorb the costs.

Clayton Turnbull, who owns 18 Dunkin’ Donuts in Greater Boston, has not raised his prices since the beginning of the year. “We’ve taken a hit and hope we can outrun the trend,’’ he said. His strategy is to lure customers in with other products to offset the increase

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