Carlos Andrade

carlos-andradeWhen the time came in the late 1980’s to establish an independent franchisee organization for Dunkin’ Donuts franchise owners, Carlos Andrade was there. Over the years, Carlos has consistently supported DDIFO while also helping individual franchisees get their start in the system.

A natural leader, Carlos has served in the Advisory Council system, on the DDIFO Roundtable and on countless committees—always ready to listen and share his opinions. He is passionate about the Dunkin’ brand
and shares his time and energy to making it better for all involved

We honor Carlos Andrade through his induction into the DDIFO Hall of Fame and thank him for his outstanding contributions to the system and his generous philanthropic support of charities large and small.

Joe Batista

Joe Batista photoJoe Batista got his start in Dunkin’ Donuts in 1970 working as a baker for Manny Andrade. One year later he opened the first of eight shops he would eventually own in Rhode Island.

He served on the Ad Committee and the Advisory Council. He was on the board for the DCP and, in 1982, helped establish Dunkin’s first locations in Brazil. A quiet man, Joe’s actions always spoke louder than his words.

It’s those actions which have defined Joe Batista as a dedicated family man who always put his own needs after those of others. We honor Joe Batista with induction into the DDIFO Hall of Fame for his commitment to Dunkin’ Donuts and the community of franchisees.

Bill Daly

Bill-DalyBill Daly is one of a handful of former Dunkin’ Brands employees who became franchise owners. A former sales and marketing executive, Bill spent 29 years at Dunkin’ before taking over a network of shops in New Bedford and Fairhaven, Mass.

As a franchisee, Bill was immediately recognized as a leader. He was elected to Ad Committees in Providence and Tampa. He was a DAC representative and served on the Board of Directors of the DCP.

Bill always walks into a Dunkin’ Donuts restaurant and waits in line to buy a coffee. He’s always wanted to be treated as a customer and understand the experience. We honor Bill Daly
for his commitment to improving the Dunkin’ system for all.