Although the DDIFO room block has officially closed, you can still register and attend the 2015 DDIFO National Conference.  The conference is just a little over 3 short weeks away and you will want to be sure to attend.  The conference will open with the fall meeting of the DDIFO Board of Directors on Monday, September 21.  We’ll then enjoy the “Conversation with Dunkin’ Franchisees”, featuring Rob Branca, Alex Smigelski, Parag Patel, Nicole Hansen and Mike Cavallo; the Monday keynote will be “Ten Secrets to Success” with International speaker and Author Dr. Sneh Desai; and “Navigating the Purchase or Sale of a Dunkin’ Franchise”, with Gary Joyal and Dan Connelly of Joyal Capital Management joined by Attorneys David Paris, Paris Ackerman & Schmierer and Carl Lisa, Jr., Lisa Sousa LLP.  The Welcome Reception in the evening will conclude Monday’s formal events.  Tuesday’s session will begin with “Joint-Employer and What Means for You and The Franchisor!” presented by Attorney Robert Zarco, Zarco Einhorn Salkowski Brito; followed by “The View from Wall Street” by Restaurant Analyst John Gordon, and then the panel discussion “Expanding Your Franchise Portfolio – Investment in Emerging Brands” with Attorney Joyann Kenny, Marks & Klein, leading the discussion.  Restauranteur Nick Varano will conclude the presentation with his closing keynote address.  Tuesday evening, we’ll wrap up the 2015 National Conference with the DDIFO Hall of Fame Induction of franchise owners John Cadete and Guido Petrosinelli.

Register today so you don’t get shut out of the 2015 DDIFO National Conference.