We’ve emphasized in this space before the importance of getting out to vote and that elections do indeed have consequences. As the 2022 midterm elections come into greater focus, it’s important to take a look around at some of the ballot initiatives that voters will be deciding in a few weeks. On many topics, Illinois and Tennessee would most likely come down on different sides of the issue, but that is especially true on the broad topic of labor. Come November 8, voters in Illinois will be voting on Amendment 1, a proposal that would create a state constitutional right to collective bargaining, with a union wish list of provisions including banning right to work laws and vastly expanding the scope of what can be included in collective bargaining negotiations.  Conversely, voters in Tennessee will be asked to do the exact opposite with Constitutional Amendment 1 in the Volunteer State. This proposal would place the state’s existing right-to-work law in the state constitution, thereby strengthening employees’ current right to choose not to pay dues to a union. Tennessee is one of 28 states in the country that have adopted right-to-work laws. My guess is that naming these initiatives Amendment 1 is the only agreement on the issue between the states! We’ll cover other ballot question topics over the course of the next few weeks before the election.