The Obama-era NLRB adopted the so-called “Ambush Election rule” back in December 2014 with the significantly shortened timeframe taking effect on April 14, 2015. The effect of the rule change was significant and among other changes, served to reduce the time frame from the filing of a union representation petition to the holding of the election from an average of 42 days to as little as 10 days! The Trump administration targeted the ambush election rule for possible rescission and for the past 3-plus months through yesterday, has been accepting comments on proposed changes. This week, House and Senate Committee leaders added their comments in a letter to new Chairman John Ring in which they advocate a minimum of 35 days between the filing of a union representation petition and the election being held “to give workers the time they need to gather all the facts to make a fully informed decision.” In other comments filed, the left-leaning Economic Policy Institute advocated keeping the ambush rule, claiming the rule made union elections “more efficient”, while the National Right to Work Legal Defense Fund endorsed the rescission effort in its letter filed with the NLRB. The comment period closes today.