7-Eleven is taking on McDonald’s,  Dunkin’ Donuts and Starbucks with the introduction of  a deeply discounted iced coffee drink.

Starting today, 7-Elevens will sell a 99-cent iced coffee in two flavors: French vanilla or Mocha.

The move comes as McDonald’s takes on Starbucks with its  McCafe program, launched nationally May 1. At that time, Starbucks announced plans to drop the price of its iced coffee to $1.95.

Enter 7-Eleven.

The chain has equipped 4,500 convenience shops in the United States with self-serve iced coffee machines.

Customers  help themselves, dispensing the coffee drink over ice in new clear cups located near the Slurpee machine, 7-Eleven said Tuesday. The introductory price is 99 cents for a medium 16 oz.  drink. In July, the price will jump to $1.99  for a medium, and $2.49 for a large.

The drink has done well in test markets, the chain said.

“If taste tests are any indication, this is one of the best beverages we’ve ever introduced,” said Jay Wilkins, a 7-Eleven brand manager. “It has become an instant hit.”