The Department of Labor hasn’t only been focused on the FLSA either.  Along with the Departments of Justice and Homeland Security, DOL increased the fines accessed on employers for immigration-related violations, including unfair employment or discrimination practices, violations of the H-1B or H-2B programs as well as Form I-9 and E-Verify Violations.  The increased fines also became effective on August 1, 2016 for violations that occurred after November 2, 2015.  Mistakes or omissions on the I-9 Form will be much more costly moving forward as the associated civil fines for I-9 paperwork violations was increased 96%, from $110 – $1,100 per violation to $216 – $2,156 per violation – effective the 1st of this month!  Speaking of federal requirements, fines and whatnot, we would remind those of you who must file the EEO-1 Report, the 2016 EE0-1Survey is now open and must be submitted and certified by September 30, 2016.