The final provisions of the so-called Family Leave Act for the District of Columbia were released early this week by Councilman Philip Mendelson who has championed the effort in the Nation’s Capital. Under the revised proposal, which will likely be voted on next week and is expected to pass, DC employers will be required to provide up to 11 weeks of paid leave (capped at $1000/week) to employees with newborn or adopted children.   The new benefit (which would be the most generous in the nation) would be funded by employers through an increase in the payroll tax that would go into a city-managed fund.  The legislation also provides for up to 8 weeks of similar paid leave for employees who are caring for an elderly parent or grandparent!  This latest version is the third attempt by Mendelson at family leave over the last year.  His first two proposals mandated 16 and 12 weeks respectively and provided for up to $1500 in pay.  Ironically, the mandate will cover all employers – except the government!