SEIU-backed Raise Up Massachusetts is looking to score on a trifecta of issues on the coming November ballot as the group filed two petitions with the Attorney General by Wednesday’s initial deadline.  The two petitions include increasing the Massachusetts minimum wage to $15 per hour, and mandating up to 26 weeks of paid sick leave. The current state minimum wage of $11 an hour would increase by $1 per year beginning in 2018 until it reached $15 under the ballot initiative. The minimum wage was increased to $11 by the legislature three years ago. The paid leave petition would require that employers, through a trust fund similar to unemployment insurance, provide up to 90% of a worker’s salary for up to 16 weeks when an employee is caring for seriously ill or injured family member or a new baby. Further, it would mandate that an employee be similarly covered for up to 26 weeks when they themselves are recovering from an injury or illness!  The benefit would be capped at $1000 per week. Massachusetts voters approved a 5-day paid sick leave petition back in 2014. For these petitions to make it onto the ballot, they must first be cleared by the Attorney General and then 65,000 voter signatures collected. A third issue that the group is pushing would impose a “Millionaires Tax” in the Bay State. This petition, which would impose a 4 percent surcharge on income generated in excess of $1 million, is already cleared for the November ballot because it was endorsed by 2 consecutive Constitutional Conventions as required by the state constitution.