t600keyboardstethoscopemedical-600xx599-399-0-0Speaking of the irony of some government mandates on business, we took note of another article this week, this one in the Washington Business Journal, reporting that the Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) will be spending $840 million over the course of the next four years in order to help practicing medical doctors transition their practices away from a “volume-based model” to one rewarding “good patient outcomes”.  The funding is appropriated for HHS’ Transforming Clinical Practice Initiative which was announced via press release this week in Washington, DC.  The release, in pertinent part identifies the initiative as “one part of a strategy advanced by the Affordable Care Act to . . .  spend health care dollars more wisely.”  So, an expenditure of a little less than $1 billion to get doctors to focus their business models on better patient outcomes will yield more affordable health care?  Isn’t that one of the reasons why doctors attend medical conventions – on their own dime??