So, earlier in this issue, we talked about the Restaurant Revitalization Fund being closed and out of funds. Seems like a post-mortem on the program might be an interesting exercise? Well, it turns out that Subway franchisees were the biggest recipients – in fact, of the 272,000 applications submitted, almost 2,900 Subway restaurants received funding to the aggregate tune of over $362 million! Applications submitted came to a total of $72 billion while only $28.6 billion was funded. Dunkin’ came in 2nd place – but not even remotely close to Subway! Dunkin franchisees collected a total of $63.5 million spread across 302 franchises. When we look at the geographic make-up of RRF participation, there’s really no surprises. California took in the most money at $5.7 billion, followed in order by New York ($3.6 billion), Texas ($1.6 billion), Illinois ($1.4 billion) and Florida at $1.3 billion. Those same five states also have the biggest restaurant industries. In the aggregate, 25.7% of the grants fell between $150,000 and $350,000, while 24% were for an amount under $50,000.