One of the three Starbucks stores voting in an NLRB union representation election in the Buffalo market voted to accept representation by the Starbuck Worker United, while another rejected the union and a third was in dispute as of last night. According to the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), which tabulated the votes yesterday, employees at the Elmwood store, where the unionizing effort began earlier this year, supported union representation by a vote of 19-8, while employees at a location on Camp Road rejected SBWorkers United by an 8-12 margin. A third location, on Genesee Street, supported the union effort by a 15-9 tally, but was one vote shy of the minimum required to affirm union representation (NLRB required a minimum of 16 affirmative votes). The final outcome of the Genessee location vote is still up in the air however, as the union is contesting the votes of seven individuals who it claims do not work at that location. We would anticipate the issue may ultimately need to be adjudicated by the courts. On Tuesday of this week, the NLRB formally rejected a request for review by Starbucks of the approval of the NLRB mail-in election procedure that was used for the election. SBWorkers United will be organized as an affiliate of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU).