If Dunkin’ Donuts franchise owners are not familiar with how Access Rewards works, they may want to ask their customers. According to Doug Jentzsch, Director of Partnership Marketing for Access, customers who belong to various groups or associations that offer member discount programs are printing coupons for Dunkin’ stores more than any other restaurant or service provider in their database.

“It’s quite impressive considering we promote over 250,000 different business locations across the country,” said Jentzsch.

Access Rewards is one of the nation’s largest affinity marketing companies. Started in 1984, Access creates private-labeled discount programs for our client organizations—like teacher’s associations or travel clubs. Through the programs, members save on all kinds of products and services. The organizations use the programs to increase profit and achieve a variety of organizational goals.

Earlier this year, Access signed on as a DDIFO sponsor because it is in the process of expanding its business to include a Rewards Program for customers.

“The way it works is, we work with a local bank that wants to add local content and opportunities for cardholders in a specific region to earn rewards. The participating business—like Dunkin’ shops— can use it as a way to increases customer count and frequency as well as the amount they spend on each visit,” said Jentzsch.

He says a customer with a CitiBank Rewards card, for example, could receive a dollar back on his credit card when he spends $7 or more. There is no upfront cost to the franchise owner to enroll, there’s no out of pocket expense. The franchise owner only pays when the offer is redeemed with the correct credit card. Access can develop up to four different offers for each location—customized to help the franchise owner increase sales.

By offering the discounts to credit card holders in a specific geographic area, Jentzsch says, the franchise owner is able to generate new customers and more business from the people who already frequent his shop.

Based on data from Access, coupons offered through their traditional affinity marketing program are already a huge success with Dunkin’ customers. Jentzsch says he believes the new rewards program will also be a hit with customers and franchise owners.

For more information, contact Doug Jentzsch by email: doug.jentzsch@accesscashrewards.com or by phone 866.681.2427.