The National Labor Relations Board, which has been a source for many pro-union, anti-business rulings over the past several years, still has only three of its five slots filled. The positions are filled by the President with confirmation by the US Senate and this week, Acting Chairman Philip Miscimarra had the “acting” qualifier dropped from his title when he was officially named Chairman by President Trump. It is unknown exactly when the President will fill the two open slots, but reports this week indicated that another appointment is imminent. Miscimarra’s term as a Director expires in December. In other NLRB news, the ongoing push to grow union membership ranks continued last week with the agency giving Harvard Graduate students another bite at the union certification apple.  Hearing officer Thomas Miller ruled that Harvard had not “substantially complied with voter list requirements” in a November election seeking to unionize graduate students at the elite Ivy League school. Consequently, Miller’s decision was that another election should be held. The vote from November opposed unionization. In a different decision, perhaps even more outrageous, NLRB Regional Director Sean Marshal ruled that resident assistants (RA) at George Washington University were actually employees of the school and hence, eligible to unionize! In reality, resident assistants are students who’ve accepted a stipend and discounted housing in exchange for their guidance, advice and “supervision” of a floor in a school dormitory, but that wouldn’t stop the NLRB!