In light of the Senate failure to pass additional funds as detailed above, the House is now working on its own version of legislation to amend the CARES Act and expand the PPP, but party politics will continue to play a role and we need your help to make sure franchisees are protected. The Coalition of Franchisee Associations (CFA) is asking all franchisees to contact Congress and ask for the following amendments to the PPP loans as outlined in the CARES Act: 1) increase those franchisees eligible for PPP loans; 2) Expand the calculation and components to determine the amount of PPP loans; 3) Provide flexibility in determining the loan coverage period; 4) Expand the criteria for full loan forgiveness; and 5) Increase non-payroll uses of PPP loans. Click here to send a pre-drafted, editable letter to your senators and representative asking for the law to be amended as referenced above during this critical time for your businesses. Thank you!