As if the ongoing labor shortages coupled with these dramatic increases in minimum wages weren’t having a big enough impact on businesses still struggling to recover from the COVID pandemic, some communities are piling on with additional mandates for business beginning tomorrow. A perfect case in point is the city of Portland Maine, where the local minimum wage will increase to $13 per hour beginning tomorrow. In addition to the city increasing its minimum beyond the state minimum (Maine’s minimum wage increases to $12.75 per hour on January 1), it’s new Hazard Pay mandates will also become effective tomorrow. The hazard pay provision was passed by the voters during the height of the pandemic in November 2020. It will apply during states of emergency declared by the city or state such as the emergency that has been in effect during the coronavirus pandemic, but would also include snow or other declared emergencies. With the Portland minimum wage increasing to $13/hour tomorrow, the hazard pay provision in 2022 will mandate a minimum wage within the city of $19.50 per hour during declared emergencies!