On May 27, iTech Digital became the DDIFO’s newest Associate Member. Based in Indianapolis, iTech Digital is a leading digital video surveillance company. Account Executive Natalie Himmel is excited about this new relationship with the DDIFO and is looking forward to bringing her company’s advantageous products and services to the Dunkin’ Donuts franchise community.

“We are so excited about our associate membership in the DDIFO,” says Himmel. “I’m encouraged by the reaction we’ve received from our current Dunkin’ Donuts franchise owners and look forward to offering the same value to the entire organization.”

Since 1999, iTech Digital’s goal has been to provide businesses of all sizes with user-friendly, cost effective solutions for security, surveillance and asset protection. iTech Digital has established a reputation for providing quality and value to a wide variety of customers nationwide. A one stop shop offering custom manufacturing, consultation, installation, maintenance and service, iTech Digital has installed complete security solutions in a wide range of industries including Quick Service Restaurants (QSR), casual dining and franchise locations. The company’s development, engineering and manufacturing teams are committed to providing customers with the latest technology and the highest quality products at affordable prices.

iTech Digital offers a high-quality Digital Video Recorder (DVR) package that comprises the i2i System DVR, cameras, a monitor and supplementary equipment and services, including remote access software. The i2i Systems offer rapid implementation, ease of use and fast return on investment. The systems help franchise owners and operators prevent losses, reduce costs, protect employees and customers, improve processes and monitor their businesses 24 hours a day. They also offer Poi9nt of Sale (POS) Integration with the Radiant POS System. Video is stored for a minimum of 30 days and can be burned to DVD. The remote access and monitoring features allow franchise owners to manage single or multiple shops from any location with Internet access.

Dunkin’ Donuts franchise owner Ken Blum has been working with iTech Digital for nearly two years, overseeing the installation of surveillance systems in six of his stores in northeast Ohio. “We are very pleased with iTech Digital’s products and services. They offer a fully integrated surveillance solution that meets our needs in a cost effective manner,” said Blum. “The systems are extremely user-friendly, and the installations were highly professional and uncommonly clean. The integration of the systems with Radiant POS is one of the most helpful elements when it comes to loss prevention.”

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