The old adage that ‘it depends on whose ox is being gored’ sprung to mind when we read the position of the AFL-CIO relating the coronavirus economic recovery steps floated by the Trump administration this week. True to form, the national federation of organized labor was totally supportive of proposed emergency paid leave benefits for workers across the nation, but adamantly opposed to a potential suspension of the payroll tax to help those businesses that are being just as severely impacted by the coronavirus’ effect on business. More specifically, the federation urged passage of a bill filed in Washington last week that would mandate 7 days of paid sick time nationwide with an additional 14 days of paid leave available for workers during a “public health emergency”.  On the flip side of that coin however, AFL-CIO also joined other labor interests in pressing Congress not to adopt the President’s idea of a temporary reduction in the payroll tax as a vehicle to stimulate the economy during the coronavirus crisis.