Speaking of Seattle and minimum wage, you will recall that the city of Sea-Tac in Washington state, encompassing the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, was the first in the nation to adopt a $15 minimum.  Not to be outdone, two Massachusetts legislators think airport workers need special protection and have filed bills (SD 2307 / H 3923) in both the House and the Senate establishing a minimum wage for workers at Boston’s Logan International Airport of $15 an hour!  Fortunately, the bill will likely not gain much traction as the Massachusetts Speaker of the House stated that Massachusetts raised the minimum last session and will not be revisiting the issue this year.  Notwithstanding, we would expect the City of Boston to look at creating its own higher minimum wage in light of inaugural comments made by the new President of the Boston City Council.  After being elected president, Councilor Michelle Wu tweeted that one of her top priorities is to address “income inequality”.  Elsewhere on the subject of minimum wage increases, the Delaware Senate voted to increase the minimum by $.50 in each of the next four years to $10.50 by 2020 earlier this week.  The proposal must still pass the Delaware House before it can be sent to Governor Jack Markell for his signature.