It seemingly has been one court after another ensuring that government not be allowed to just do as it wishes without regard to its legal authority!  Another case in point comes from the Aloha state last week over the issue of genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Three local communities in the state of Hawaii had decided that there needed to be more regulations on the testing and development of GMOs and pesticides and if the state wouldn’t, then they’d do it themselves.  The voters of Maui banned the cultivation and testing of GMOs in 2014; and subsequently, Kauai Country mandated pesticide buffer zones and the Big Island banned open-air testing of GMOs among other restrictions.  The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals (traditionally the most liberal or progressive court in the land) upheld two lower court rulings that struck down local restrictions on GMOs.  Back in August of this year, we thought we had reached some conclusion on the GMO issue when Obama signed the GMO labeling bill into law.  You can expect to see this issue rise again in Hawaii and possibly other states as well.  Why do some people hate seedless grapes so much??