Proponents won another battle in the California city of Anaheim on Tuesday as well, when the Anaheim City Council decided to put a ballot initiative before the voters to decide on raising the city minimum wage to $18 by 2022. If voters approve the measure in November, it will only target, at least for the time being, large hospitality companies in the Anaheim resort district that receive city subsidies. As we know only too well however, increasing the minimum wage is a very slippery slope and as soon as a limited increase (such as large hospitality companies in the Anaheim resort district receiving city funds) is approved by the electorate, “worker advocates” will move quickly to expand the applicability of the higher wage and increase the minimum across the entire community. If enacted, the Anaheim living wage ordinance will require affected companies to increase the minimum wage they pay to $15 per hour effective January 1 and then increasing $1 per year until it reaches $18 in 2022. Thereafter, the “living wage” would be tied to increases in the consumer price index.