Taking a different tack, the DC City Council on July 28 passed and the Mayor signed the Protecting Businesses and Workers from COVID-19 Emergency Amendment Act of 2020. This new law mandated that employers within the Nation’s Capital implement new social distancing measures and worker protection policies within one week, by August 20. Further, it codifies the mandates as originally provided in Mayoral Order 2020-080 which was issued by Mayor Muriel Bowser on July 20. That order, entitled “Wearing of Masks in the District of Columbia to Prevent the Spread of COVID-19” requires that by yesterday, August 20, 2020, businesses must post signs on their exterior doors stating that entrance is prohibited to anyone not wearing a mask; they must “attempt to eject” individuals who are not wearing masks; and employers must provide the requisite masks to their employees. The law includes a few exceptions – dealing primarily with private offices, medical difficulties with wearing masks and operating around machinery. The law also contains the standard anti-retaliation provisions and allows for administrative penalties of $50 per employee per day for a repeated or willful failure to implement the required policies. Further, the Mayor is empowered to assess a $500 administrative penalty for each instance of retaliation against an employee, while the attorney general may sue for violations and seek back pay, equitable relief and attorney fees and costs!