If that weren’t enough union saber-rattling, organized labor has been pulling out all the stops to create additional momentum for the passage of the Protecting the Right to Organize Act (PRO Act). Toward that end, AFL-CIO affiliates along with their allies are planning as many as 200 rallies up and down the East Coast next week to pressure Senators to pass the legislation and directly threatened to withhold labor support from other who’ve yet to endorse the bill. You will recall that the PRO Act, which already passed the House on March 9 and has been strongly endorsed by the White House, would forbid employer influence in union elections; provide for “card check” organizing; allow government to write and enforce labor agreements; and violate workers’ privacy by providing unions access to personal information when organizing a workforce. Among other dramatic changes the bill would implement in the National Labor Relations Act would be codifying the “ABC Test” for determining employee status; prohibiting the use of mandatory arbitration agreements; and outlawing right-to-work laws in the 27 states that have already enacted them. Although the fate of the PRO Act remains uncertain in the Senate due to the likelihood of a filibuster by republicans (which would then require 60 votes to prevail), moderate Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) recently signed on as the 47th Senate co-sponsor of the legislation.