It may not be in the purview of the National Labor Relations Board, but another Obama-era regulation is being rescinded by the “new sheriff in town”! The Trump administration has proposed rescinding the rule that prevents employers from including “back-of-house employees” in workplace tip pools, but only in businesses that pay the standard minimum wage. The Department of Labor during the Obama Presidency wrote the rule prohibiting employers from dividing tips and giving a cut to kitchen staff and others who don’t receive tips directly. Further, that prohibition applied to businesses paying tipped- wage as well as the minimum wage. The Trump administration would give those businesses paying full minimum wage the freedom to allow sharing of tips among more employees – spreading the wealth, so to speak, between tipped and non-tipped workers. While the National Restaurant Association applauded the move, national Democrats lampooned the proposal alleging it would put too much power in the hands of owners and managers! Further, Saru Jayaraman, president of the pro-labor Restaurant Opportunities Center United, complained “. . . it would push a majority-women workforce . . . further into financial instability, poverty, and vulnerability to harassment and assault.” Almost as dangerous as working for Hollywood, Congress or for other elected officials!