As this is the last Small Regular No Sugar before the New Year, we want to again remind you to be aware that many laws and business requirements will change with the turn of the calendar. Toward that end, be aware that a number of changes will occur in California employment law on January 1, 2021 as well as an increase to the state minimum wage. The changing employment laws range from COVID reporting requirements to sick leave and paid family leave law to a prohibition on “no-hire” clauses as well as an expansion of the California Family Rights Act among a host of others. Elsewhere, again the last vestige of the new Chicago predictive scheduling law – private right of action – becomes effective on January 1. Paid Family and Medical Leave Laws is operative in Massachusetts, on January 1, while existing paid leave laws change in California (addition of certain military family needs) and New York (phase in is completed with employees eligible for up to 12 weeks at up to 67% of their pay) on the first of the year.