NLRB Region 10 Director John Doyle ordered a union election for a sub-group of employees at the Boeing Company, despite a December decision by the full National Labor Relations Board that narrowed the circumstances under which micro-units could be created. This case involves approximately 180 flight readiness technicians and inspectors seeking to organize as a separate bargaining unit and is the second within a matter of weeks to authorize an NLRB-sanctioned election for a micro-unit of workers. Earlier this month, the board authorized a micro-union election to be held in the case of one store in the Washington state-based Burgerville chain. Doyle concluded that the employees “share a sufficiently distinct community of interest” and ordered a union election on May 31. The rulings may resurrect earlier efforts by the NLRB General Counsel to restructure the NLRB regional director system and reduce the role of regional directors.