As we’ve tried to do over the past several months, now seems a good time to advise you of state law changes that will be taking effect within a few weeks, on or around the first of November. Those of you who live or have business interests in Missouri, New York, Oklahoma and Virginia might want to read further on. Come October 30, the Safe Time Leave Law becomes effective in Westchester County, New York. This law requires all private employers to provide up to 40 hours of paid leave for victims of domestic violence and human trafficking in addition to any existing paid or unpaid leave obligations the employer may be subject to. The following day, on October 31 (Halloween – seems appropriate!), employers in Kansas City, Missouri with six or more employees will be prohibited from asking applicants about their salary history. In addition, employers will also be precluded from screening applicants based on previous wages or compensation and from setting any minimum or maximum pay criteria. And Oklahoma law changes in a couple of areas as of November 1. On that date, employers may not discriminate against licensed medical marijuana users unless the business has the potential to lose money or licensing-related benefits under federal regulations for failing to do so. Furthermore, with changes to Oklahoma’s concealed carry law taking effect on November 1, business owners may still limit or control possession of weapons on their property, however no business may establish policies or rules that prohibit any person, except convicted felons, from having firearms in a locked vehicle in parking areas. The new provisions also state that if a business prohibits firearms and is open to the public, it must post signs stating that carrying a firearm on the premises is prohibited. And in Virginia, employers must provide certain employment records within 30 days of a written request from and employee.