The Arizona legislature has made it clear to local cities and towns in the Grand Canyon State that the state will set minimum wages and won’t look kindly upon local communities trying to set their own. According to a new law that takes effect next week (on August 27), the state must calculate the cost to Arizona’s government when cities and counties establish their own higher minimum wage. Under the calculation, if the state has to pay more for services in those communities, then the legislature can force local governments to pay the additional costs. The novel approach came in response to the city of Flagstaff raising its minimum wage higher than the state minimum of $11 an hour (going to $12 in 2020) and then mandating that it is always at least $2 per hour higher than the state minimum. The Flagstaff minimum will go to $15.50 an hour in 2022. A ballot question to undo the city minimum was defeated last year.