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What can I do to improve the OBA Quality Assessment of Bagels?

Today’s Answer is submitted by: Mike Peterson, President, Peterson Consulting, Inc.,


A vast majority of the time shops do not pass the bagel quality portion of the OBA assessment. A couple of tips on issues that pop up during the bagel baking process.

  1. Make sure the bagels are trayed up properly and covered. Twelve each using the perforated trays and covered to keep them from drying out while they thaw overnight in the cooler.
  2. Make sure when they are pulled in the morning that they get to a temp around 50-60 degrees. They will not be the first items going into the oven. Make sure your openers understand the baking sequence.
  3. Bagels should be sprayed with water about every 15 minutes to keep them from drying our before they go into the oven.
  4. Make sure that the seals to the oven are not worn. This will cause the steam in the oven to escape at the start of the cycle. These can be purchased through you local oven supplier or special ordered through the DCP.
  5. Make sure your steam cycle is working properly at the start of the bake. If not, call your local oven company to come out for repair.
  6. Make sure your oven is properly calibrated. You should have a thermometer in the oven. Don’t rely on the external reader-in may be incorrect just like your walk-ins.

Baxter ovens have the ability to be set to turn themselves on at a certain time. Take advantage of this as you can set it to turn on 15 minutes before your crew comes in and the oven will be ready to go right away.


Today’s Answer is submitted by: Mike Peterson, President, Peterson Consulting, Inc., Email: Telephone: 630-926-8070


Peterson Consulting Group works solely with Dunkin Donuts franchisees to build their organizations though operational excellence, cost saving initiatives and effective training. Mike has been a consultant for over 15 years with Au Bon Pain, Ground Round and Dunkin Brands working for both company owned and franchise owner run operations. Over the last 6 years Mike has been with Dunkin Brands as a business consultant and then as president of Peterson Consulting Group. Peterson Consulting has worked with franchise groups in Chicago, St Louis, Wisconsin, South Carolina, Manhattan NY and Washington DC.

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