In a final vote last week, California Assembly defeated the FastFood Accountability and Standards Recovery Act or FAST Act, as it became known. The legislation (AB.257) came within only 3 votes of clearing the Assembly and making its way to the Governor’s desk. With 41 votes required for passage, the final vote tally was 38 – 27 in favor with 14 members not voting. Had it been passed and signed into law by the governor, the bill would have created a government-appointed 11-member Fast Food Sector Council which would have been dictated how fast-food restaurants would operate, up to and including how much their workers would be paid along with work rules and employee benefits!  In addition, the legislation would also codify that a franchisor would be a joint employer with the franchisee. The California Restaurant Association (CRA) along with the International Franchise Association (IFA) led the charge to defeat the FAST Act through the No Takeout Takeover Coalition and created an effective website, entitled Stop the California Takeout Takeover, to help highlight the excesses of the proposal and coordinate efforts to defeat it. Although it is done for the current year, having come so close to passage, we can expect the proposal to be back in 2022!