As legislative sessions begin to get more involved, we’re seeing more action now in state houses across the country.  The Maine legislature recently hosted a packed public hearing at which they took testimony on a number of different proposals to increase the minimum wage by various amounts.  Negotiations are now underway to find a suitable compromise.  Elsewhere, the New York legislature passed a state budget last week that did not include any provision for raising its state minimum wage as Governor Andrew Cuomo wanted.  Right to Work legislation is getting more serious looks now in a number of states.  New Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner is floating proposals to gradually implement Right to Work laws in Illinois, but Attorney General Lisa Madigan has said that some of his proposals are illegal.  Time will tell how this one plays out.  And, talking about governmental activities in various states around the country seems a perfect segue to mention a new study released by last week that ranks all 50 states and the District of Columbia by their respective tax burden.  New York, Connecticut and Maryland had the highest tax burden for high income earners, while Alaska, Wyoming and Nevada were most favorable for high earners.