Perhaps with less fanfare, but potentially just as onerous as some of these other new initiatives, the so-called “ban the box” movement continues to succeed in various venues around the country.  As we told you over one year ago, President Obama was threatening to and subsequently did “ban the box” for federal job applicants and the federal HR agency, the Office of Personnel Management now has a ban the box rule taking effect on January 5, 2017.  Aside from the feds, consider that over the past few weeks, San Antonio adopted the policy for all city employers; North Las Vegas implemented ban the box and Nevada legislators are planning to file a state-wide version when the next session begins in February; the University of Minnesota has adopted ban the box on student applications for admission; and just last week, by a vote of 12-1, the Los Angeles City Council banned the box for both public and private employers.  There are a host of other communities and states where ban the box has been adopted or will likely be adopted soon.  Not all of them include private employers, but we’ve seen how these waves can quickly move across the nation and sooner or later, you may have to ban the box too! We are all well advised to stay current on the many changes happening in employment law.