The term of National Labor Relations Board Chairman Philip Miscimarra ended at midnight last Saturday in a blaze of glory as the new NLRB republican majority overturned several egregious Obama-era decisions, the last of which was the 2011 Specialty Healthcare ruling. Under Specialty Healthcare, workers under certain circumstances were allowed to form bargaining units representing only a portion of the workplace, creating so-called “micro-unions. These micro-unions were then in a better position to lobby employees to endorse union representation elections in a significantly narrowed field of employees within much larger companies. In this way, the union got its “foot-in-the-door” and could then focus on union organizing in a host of narrow areas within the company. Last Friday, in the case of PCC Structurals, Inc and International Association of Machinists & Aerospace Workers, the agency ruled that micro-unions improperly allow unions to handpick groups of workers who are likely to vote in their favor “in all but narrow and highly unusual circumstances.” The decision in PCC Structurals comes on the heels of another half-dozen NLRB reversals of Obama-era pro-union decisions. Thank you Chairman Miscimarra, for your leadership!