The Portland Oregon-based burger chain, Little Big Burger deserves much credit for getting ahead of and defeating a unionizing effort by the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) in 12 of the company’s 20 stores. The company first drew the union wrath a number of weeks ago after it terminated (for valid cause) an employee who was a leader of the unionizing effort. The Little Big union threatened to file an unfair labor practice complaint with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), but the company moved more quickly and petitioned the NLRB for a union representation election – an ambush election, if you will. Once the ambush election was petitioned, it must take place within a minimal number of days and final results from the mail-in vote (with 109 employees eligible) had 41 voting No to the union and 29 voting in favor, thereby defeating the unionizing effort! After an NLRB sanctioned election, there’s a one year “cooling off” period before another union election can be held. Congratulations, Little Big Burger!