Massachusetts has relieved a little bit of the pressure on businesses relative to applying for an exemption under the state’s new paid family and medical leave mandate. The original legislation (aka, the “Grand Bargain”) allowed businesses to offer employees a more generous private alternative if they so choose and then apply for an exemption from the rigors of the state’s Family and Medical Leave program. The problem with that option however, was that the exemption application had to be submitted by June 30 of this year and insurers aren’t offering any products until the regulations for the program are finalized, which could be as late as July 1. This week, the state finally acknowledged the challenge and has now postponed the exemption application deadline to September 20. It also pushed off the deadline for a business to notify workers about their participation in the state-run program from May 31 to June 30. Still not a lot of time, but every little bit helps!