Advocates, who have been pushing for years now to try and unionize fast food workers, have finally succeeded, although it may be on a small scale for the time being. Workers at a Portland Burgerville restaurant voted to unionize this past Monday in an election sanctioned by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB). The final vote was 18 – 4, but the 1500 employee Oregon-based chain can expect the rest of the dominoes to start falling. Employees at a 2nd Burgerville location, 12 miles south of Portland in Gladstone, Oregon filed a petition with the NLRB last week seeking to have a union representation election sanctioned by the federal agency. In the back story, the company had refused to recognize or negotiate with the “union” unless they were federally recognized or sanctioned. Now, they are and there is a real warning for others in their victory statement posted on Facebook, in which they say they want to turn their attention “to the 4.5 million other fast food workers in the United States.”  They closed with: “Today we became the only recognized fast food union in the country. But we won’t be the only one for long.”