Yes, you read that correctly – it is not a typo!  With support from both democrat and republican members, Congress passed legislation amending ObamaCare!  Under The Protecting Affordable Coverage for Employees Act (PACE), which passed both branches last week, larger small businesses (defined as those with 51 to 100 employees) will not be forced into the small group market for health insurance.  The Affordable Care Act is scheduled to expand the small group market to include those businesses in 2016 in order to help small businesses lower costs by broadening the risk pool.  PACE (H.R. 1624) stops that expansion and restores a 50 employee cap on the small market (Small Business Health Options Program or SHOP).  At the same time however, the bill grants states the option to increase that number to 100, depending on what they perceive as best for their own local market.  Whether or not the President, who up to this point has vetoed all changes to the health care mandate, signs or vetoes this correction, remains to be seen.  It is encouraging however that many members of the President’s party have urged him to sign the change into law.