The United States Senate confirmed several more nominees of President Biden to a host of important federal posts. First and foremost, amongst the recent confirmations was new Labor Secretary Marty Walsh, who formerly served as Mayor of Boston for the past 7 years. Confirmed on a Senate vote of 68-29, Walsh will now oversee the federal Department of Labor, including such agencies as OSHA, BLS, the Office of Workers Compensation, and the Wage and Hour Division among a host of others. He is also a former labor leader and a staunch proponent of worker protections and increasing the federal minimum wage. In addition, the Senate confirmed Isabel Guzman as the SBA Administrator by a margin of 81-17 last week and she was sworn into the SBA post by Vice President Harris on Monday of this week. Guzman is a small business owner who previously serviced on the Small Business Administration during the Obama administration before going on to become the director of the California Office of Small Business Advocate. In addition, the Senate also confirmed Shalanda Young, a former Congressional staff director, as Deputy Director of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB). Young, confirmed by a Senate vote of 63-37, will serve as the head of OMB until Biden nominates a new director after former nominee Neera Tanden withdrew from consideration in the face of certain rejection of her nomination by the Senate.