For the first time in memory, the regulatory pendulum in New York City swung in the opposite direction last week when Mayor Eric Adams cut the regulatory burden for restaurants. Through a mix of executive orders, regulatory changes, penalty reductions and introducing cure periods, NYC businesses will enjoy a (relatively) more business-friendly relationship with City Hall. The changes were born of Executive Order 2, Small Business Forward, signed by Adams just days after he was sworn in as Mayor on January 1, 2022. Small Business Forward directed a half-dozen city departments to each identify 25 rules, regulations or other provisions of law that are most frequently enforced against businesses, and small businesses in particular. The Small Business Forward report detailed the proposed changes, some of which will require legislative action. In the aggregate, the Mayor’s office declared a total of 118 regulatory changes including such items as introducing a cure period when a business fails to comply with certain obligations; increasing the time allowed for businesses to address maintenance and repair issues, reducing maximum fines for certain violations regarding time/temperature control; among other loosening of regulations.