Nothing is more important in the foodservice industry than the safety and quality of food products, but consistently maintaining the highest standards is easier said than done. However with Stera-Sheen Green Label (SSG) manufactured by Purdy Products Company, you can rest assured that you are fully eliminating milkstone and other food soils each time you clean and sanitize specific Dunkin’ Donuts or Baskin-Robbins equipment (see below). As a new DDIFO Sponsor, Purdy Products Company is offering a DCP-approved product that will give you confidence and peace of mind.

Stera-Sheen Green Label (SSG) by Purdy Products provides three main benefits:

  • Superior food safety
  • Improved product quality
  • Thorough equipment preventive maintenance

It is important to recognize that cleaning and sanitizing are two separate processes. They are interdependent and impact food safety, product quality and equipment performance. If your cleaning step doesn’t fully clean everything, then you can never truly achieve sanitization.

When milkstone and other food soils are not eliminated, they build up over time, creating an environment where bacteria can hide and thrive. This is where serious problems can start—from food borne bacteria and illness to equipment damage—and where you risk health inspection citations and closure, equipment shutdown, costly service repair and parts replacement, and even customer loss and irreversible harm to your reputation.

“If any part of the cleaning and sanitizing process isn’t where it should be, then it’s a potential liability. And nobody wants those risks,” said Paul Husemoller, Purdy Products Executive Vice President. “That’s why we’re proud to offer DDIFO members an alternative that guarantees completely clean surfaces and effective sanitization.”

A Dunkin’ Brands tested and approved product (DCP Item # 351107), Purdy’s SSG is both a cleaner and a sanitizer (NSF listed). It is perfect for Dunkin’ equipment like dairy dispensers, Coolatta and FlavorShot as well as Baskin-Robbins soft serve and other frozen dessert and beverage machines. Unlike general-purpose cleaners, SSG is specially formulated to completely and effectively clean and remove milkstone and other food soils specific to these types of equipment.

If you think your current cleaner and sanitizer are doing the job, Purdy encourages you to take “The SSG Challenge:”

  1. Follow your normal daily procedures with your current cleaner and sanitizer.
  2. Immediately following your routine procedures, run an additional bucket of SSG solution through your machine.
  3. Upon draining, notice how cloudy the SSG rinse water is.
  4. The cloudy rinse water contains the residue your current cleaner and procedures missed.

“We encourage franchise owners to test and see for themselves the difference between Stera-Sheen and other cleaners,” said Husemoller. “While Stera-Sheen will cost pennies more per use, it will also better protect your equipment investment and your business, and one otherwise unnecessary service call costs more than a year’s supply of Stera-Sheen.”

Purdy Products Company is a small, family-run business that focuses on product quality and customer service. As a manufacturer of cleaning and sanitizing products for more than 60 years, Purdy has earned a stellar reputation in the foodservice industry. In fact, Taylor Company includes a free sample of SSG with every new freezer machine it ships. Purdy has over 15 years of history serving Baskin-Robbins stores and began working with Dunkin’ Donuts franchise owners about two years ago. Pricing on SSG through the DCP is very aggressive and deeply discounted. While SSG is Purdy’s “anchor product,” there are a handful of other specialty products for which Purdy is pursuing DCP approval.

For more information and free samples, contact Cathy Morgan at 1-800-726-4849 or You can also visit or stop by the Purdy Products table at the Northeast Members Meeting on March 3 in Westborough, Massachusetts.