As the clock wound down, California Governor Jerry Brown signed a number of workplace related bills and vetoed others that could have been devastating to business interests. AB1209, the Gender Pay Gap Transparency Act, which the Governor vetoed and business labeled a “job-killer” would have required companies with 500 or more employees in California to report the gap between men’s and women’s pay for salaried workers, by job classification and posted publicly by the state. Brown acted more favorably on AB168 which bans employers with at least 20 employees from asking a job candidate about their previous salary or salary history. In addition, he signed SB63 allowing new mothers and fathers working for smaller businesses to receive 12 weeks of job-protected parental leave. The new law doesn’t require parental leave to be paid as workers already pay into the state family leave program.  Brown vetoed a similar bill, also sponsored by state Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson, last year.